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[My Life is Alchemy]

Some people have average or magical lives, some people may want to "f" their life, or totally deserve it, but here our lives are alchemical.

Post your stories about Fullmetal Alchemist invading your life and our world.


+Be polite, grammatically correct, and clean
+Be relevant. This is a community about FullMetal Alchemist and FMA related things in our lives.
+No spoilers. Please don't spoil recent chapters of the manga or anime episodes that are not out legally in America.
+Keep the length of your posts to a minimum (a la FML/MLIA stories). So no long rambles. Quick + funny = profit! :D
+Don't use cuts in your entry
+Don't embed videos in your entry
+Don't have images larger than 460x460 in your entry

[Sample Posts]

Today, I saw an exhibition about alchemical texts from the Renaissance. There was even a book by the famous alchemist Hohenheim! MLIA (My Life is Alchemy).

Today, someone called me "shrimp." While I may be vertically challenged, I'm not short! So I went off on them like Ed. MLIA.

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